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Strategic Solutions || Services:

At Borhanco we provide you a package of integrated services, to secure smooth & complete supply chain requirements, our logistics strategic solutions includes:

            Custom Clearance / Brokerage .

            Insurance Brokerage .

            Value Added Services.

            Ship Spare Logistics .

Custom Clearance / Brokerage

Borhanco provides custom clearance services for all types of cargos, containerized or general cargo. Such service can be provided at ports, free zones, & even pick up locations. As custom clearance delay of procedures may be very costly, resulting demurrage charges, we can waive costly delays especially for sensitive shipments.

We offer custom clearance for import & export consignments, sea & air


We have our professional staff who can handle all types of cargos; our staff provides consultation to all customers based on their long experience of handling customs procedures locally & internationally through our agents worldwide

Covering all technical and legal points:          

            Tariff .

            Sales tax .


            Dumping .

            Arbitration .


            Custom formalities.

            Customs valuation.

            Bonded warehouses.

            Review of official decisions and legal representations.


Our staff is experienced in determining proper classifications, exemptions from customs duties, official permission & dutiable value of goods        

Insurance Brokerage

We provide insurance services that offer you financial protection against cargo risk, physical loss or damage; from almost any external cause.


We provide flexible solutions to meet specific client needs,

Securing insurance for any kind of cargo,

We cargo insurance based on to value,

Other than weight or package count.

This gives you a more accurate valuation of your freight should compensation be required.


Value Added Services

Dealing with final products required some more useful services that we can support our clients with. Packaging, Labeling, Stickering, Assembling & Ink Print we handle all this necessary tasks in an efficient & economical way.

Ship Spare Parts Logistics

One of Borhanco  strong provided service is parcel clearance.  We offer safe and in time clearance on spare parts in transit, as we are fully authorized to custom clear the parcels through our logistics department and deliver same on board the vsls  ( i.e. boarding the vsl though our shipping department ), by same we provides our clients.


We at Borhanco Understand shipping companies' business and are able to provide the most cost efficient solutions, for customs clearance and on-board delivery - regardless of origin and destination .


Spare parts clearance service covering but not limited to the following :     

            TCustom Clearance at Airport or port (in case of sea freight).

            Storage .

            Bank Guarantee.

            Transport to requested port .

            Final clearance at sea port .

            Miscellaneous expenses.

            Delivery of spares on board "door-to-deck" and vice – versa.


Also we provide Parcel transfers from ship to ship during their Suez Canal transit without any delay Same obtained through our highly trained, qualified staff in our logistics division who is on call 24 hours 7 days a week to deliver any parcels or urgent spare parts to vsls.


Carrying out and supervising with long experience in clearing all types of heavy weight, expensive value parcels from customs at Airports / Ports and till dispatching on board the vsl at any Egyptian port.